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Condensation in your home and on your vinyl windows

Common household condensation or “sweating” on windows is caused by excess humidity or water vapor in a home.  When water vapor in the air comes in contact with a cold surface such as a mirror or glass window, it turns into water droplets called condensation.  While our windows have SuperSpacer technology that inhibits condensation, all homes can have occasional condensation, such as a little fogging on the windows, but this is no cause for concern.

new sunroom

Sunrooms – the great Canadian space-maker

Sometimes we wish we had just a little more room to enjoy what we love. A sunroom is a fantastic solution to this wish. Whether it be a space dedicated to a single interest or multi-functioning to keep everyone in the household happy, a three or four season sunroom is a great way to quickly and easily add useable space to your home. Below we take a look at some common considerations

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