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Cleaning Guide For Vinyl Siding

By admin on August 18, 2012 in Siding, Soffit and Fascia with Comments Off on Cleaning Guide For Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding is durable, attractive and easy to maintain.  Like any outdoor product, however, even low-maintenance vinyl siding will need attention from time to time.  Don’t worry ! Simply follow the cleaning and maintenance tips below and your vinyl siding will always look its best.

How do i wash vinyl siding ?
The cleaning solution should be applied to the soiled surface by means of a soft rag, sponge, or soft bristle brush with gentle rubbing action.  A long-handled car washing brush is ideal for this purpose.  Do not rub vigorously so as to create glossy areas over the satin finish of your siding.  To avoid streaking, it is recommended that you start washing from the bottom and go to the top, rinsing frequently with fresh water from a garden hose.

Below are some useful cleaning solution mixes and if you have any questions let us know in the comments!

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